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Anker 1

Relaxing piano - music to calm down and dream

Eliya's SoulSounds

  Eliya's debut album

Heart-opening soundscapes 


Fantasy journeys




Since 11.11.21 on all common streaming and music platforms available!


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My music is light for the soul
the magical gateway to your dreams.

Let yourself drift,
enjoy the moment
and dive into the treasury
of your inner life.


Experience harmony and ease
- find tranquility and inner peace.


Let your sun shine. ​

Experience the beauty of your being.



Read more about the
Vision of SoulSounds.

Here you find
News and new releases.

Follow me and enjoy
my relaxing piano music here


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Aktuelles Oben


Feel warmly invited to enjoy my piano improvisations on this website:  free of charge, in full length, as a stream.

You are welcome to support
"SoulSounds" with the
acquisition and downloads 
of albums or individual pieces.
You will get an even better sound quality (CD quality 16 bit / 44.1 kHz).

I wish you countless
touching and happy moments.

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