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The vision behind the "Soul Sounds" project

Trained in classical piano playing, I had the impulse to freely improvise at the beginning of 2020. I experienced that my improvisations can activate strong feelings and intense emotions. I created soundscapes to alleviate or even heal Covid-related fears and anxiety. After recording the “Corona Healing Meditation” I wanted to share my music and to reach as many people as possible. 


My piano music is an expression of my current mood, not composed but purely improvised and without any “special effects”. In moments of connectedness, spherical harmonies develop and join gentle melodies.


My greatest source of inspiration is the deep soul connection and true love between me and my wife. The gift of our loving kindness and unconditional acceptance is the base for further touching improvisations.


The joint project “Soul Sounds” connects Eliya's piano music with the powerful images and titles of Eliya's wife. As a psychologist and photographer with aesthetic subtlety and empathy, she designs inspiring music titles and texts as well as atmospheric covers. The words and pictures have a direct emotional impact and can deepen and intensify the positive and healing effects of Eliya’s piano music.


It is our vision that the “Soul Sounds” help you to get close to and fully embrace your emotions. They can balance mind and soul and allow emotional healing.


Eliya’s music guides you into a world of heart-opening soundscapes, imaginary journeys and lyrical reveries.


Calm down and relax. Let yourself drift and enjoy the moment. Dive into the abundance of your inner beauty.


May love and freedom blossom more and more

- and in this way be carried into the world by all of us!

All photos & design ©  SichtWEISE 2023

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